Monday, September 13, 2010

1:00 pm
Dawn Wright, Oregon State University
David Hart, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
Roger Gauthier, Great Lakes Commission
[powerpoint, pdf 0.6 MB]

1:15 pm
ICAN Overview
Dawn Wright, Oregon State University
[video, Vimeo, 28:50 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 3.9 MB]

1:45 pm
Discussion: Promoting Discovery and Inventory of Coastal Web Atlases
Josh Murphy, NOAA Coastal Services Center
Mike Robertson, Land Information Ontario
[video, Vimeo, 23:34 min.]
[powerpoint - part 1 (Murphy), pdf 0.2 MB]
[powerpoint - part 2 (Robertson), pdf 8.7 MB]

2:15 pm
Design and Evaluation of Coastal Web Atlases
Stephen Ventura, University of Wisconsin-Madison
[video, Vimeo, 23:59 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 3.9 MB]

2:45 pm

3:00 pm
Impacts and Outcomes of Mature Coastal Web Atlases
Oregon, Tanya Haddad, Oregon Coastal Management Program
[video, Vimeo, 21:12 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 1.3 MB]
Washington, Kathy Taylor and Liz O’Dea, Washington Department of Ecology
[video, Vimeo, 16:15 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 9.3 MB]
California, John Helly, University of California, San Diego
[video, Vimeo, 16:59 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 35.7 MB]
Virginia, Marcia Berman, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
[video, Vimeo, 21:12 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 2.1 MB]
Maryland, Chris Cortina, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
[video, Vimeo, 14:58 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 2.5 MB]
Ohio, Brian George, Ohio Coastal Management Program
[video, Vimeo, 13:34 min.]
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4:45 pm
Dawn Wright

5:00 pm

6:00 pm
Taste of the Town
Local geospatial professionals lead small groups of meeting attendees to selected downtown Madison restaurants

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

8:30 am
Dawn Wright and David Hart

8:45 am
An Overview of Use Cases for Geospatial Interoperability
David Arctur, Open Geospatial Consortium
[video, Vimeo, 34:36 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 1.2 MB]

9:15 am
A Coastal Erosion Use Case for Coastal Atlases
Marcia Berman, David Hart, Tanya Haddad, Liz O'Dea, Kathy Johnson
[video - part 1 (Berman), Vimeo, 11:39 min.]
[video - part 2, (Hart), Vimeo, 9:34 min.]
[video - part 3, (Haddad), Vimeo, 10:07 min.]
[powerpoint - part 1 (Berman), pdf 1.8 MB]
[powerpoint - part 2 (Hart), pdf 5.9 MB]
[powerpoint - part 3 (Haddad), pdf 0.1 MB]

9:45 am
Emerging Use Cases for Networked CWAs
Roger Gauthier, Great Lakes Commission
[video, Vimeo, 32:12 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 3.2 MB]

10:15 am

10:30 am
Breakout: Brainstorming Use Cases for Networked CWAs
Topics include marine spatial planning, climate adaptation, water quality/beach health, and evaluating Great Lakes restoration.

11:30 am
Use Case Discussion Reports
[video, Vimeo, 25:37 min.]
[breakout summary - marine spatial planning, pdf]
[breakout summary - climate adaptation, pdf]
[breakout summary - water quality/beach health, pdf]
[breakout summary - evaluating Great Lakes restoration, pdf]

12 noon
Buffet Lunch

1:00 pm
CWAs and the Digital Coast Initiative
Josh Murphy, NOAA Coastal Services Center
[video, Vimeo, 26:12 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 3.0 MB]

1:30 pm
CWAs and Integrated Ocean Observing Systems
Riley Young Morse, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
[video, Vimeo, 28:30 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 3.9 MB]

2:00 pm
CWAs and the Open Geospatial Consortium
David Arctur, Open Geospatial Consortium
[video, Vimeo, 12:55 min.]
[powerpoint, pdf 0.8 MB]

2:15 pm

2:30 pm
Integrating Great Lakes Data from Distributed Sources to Support Decision Making
David Hart, Robbie Greene, Sam Batzli, and A.J. Wortley,University of Wisconsin-Madison
Adam Mednick, Druex Watermolen, and Jerry Sullivan, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
David Blodgett and Nate Booth, U.S. Geological Survey
[video - part 1 (Hart), Vimeo, 24:22 min.]
[video - part 2 (Mednick), Vimeo, 6:57 min.]
[video - part 3 (Blodgett), Vimeo, 17:07 min.]
[powerpoint - part 1 (Hart), pdf 1.3 MB]
[powerpoint - part 2 (Mednick), pdf 3.2 MB]
[powerpoint - part 3 (Blodgett), pdf 3.2 MB]

3:15 pm
Promoting a Regional Coastal Atlas Network
Kathy Taylor, Tanya Haddad, Liz O’Dea, Dawn Wright, John Helly
[video, Vimeo, 14:52 min.]
[powerpoint - part 1 (Taylor), pdf 2.2 MB]
[powerpoint - part 2 (Haddad), pdf 2.2 MB]

3:45 pm
Breakout: Promoting Coastal Atlas Networks
Topics include building coastal atlas networks for 1) Wisconsin, 2) the Great Lakes, and 3) nationally and internationally.

4:45 pm
Coastal Atlas Networks Discussion Reports

5:15 pm
Dawn Wright

5:30 pm

6:00 pm
Dinner on your own

Training Workshop

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

8:00 am
Creating Robust Web Services and Catalogs for Coastal Web Atlases 
Tom Kralidis, Environment Canada

Hands-on training for implementing interoperable web map services and catalogs to support CWAs
• Overview of OGC interoperability standards
• Creating Web Map Services (WMS)
• Creating Web Feature Services (WFS)
• Implementing a Catalog Service utilizing GeoNetwork
• Pulling the pieces together

There is a separate registration fee for this event.  The training is in a computer lab, but participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop.  Participants will receive a USB Flash Drive with resources to assist in creating web services and catalogs.

12 Noon
Lunch on your own

1:00 pm
ICAN Business Meeting

5:00 pm



Download the detailed final agenda for the ICAN-Great Lakes meeting (pdf file)





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