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The International Coastal Atlas Network - Great Lakes meeting was held from September 13-15, 2010 at the Pyle Center on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The meeting brought together key professionals interested in developing Coastal Web Atlases and linking them to build a coastal spatial data infrastructure at the regional and even global scale.  The meeting location in Madison, Wisconsin allowed a focus on the benefits of networked atlases for Great Lakes management and restoration. 

What is a Coastal Web Atlas?

A coastal web atlas (CWA) has been defined by members of the International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) as a collection of digital maps and datasets with supplementary tables, illustrations and information that systematically illustrate the coast, oftentimes with cartographic and decision support tools, all of which are accessible via the Internet.  CWAs are online information resources that can help build collaborative relationships within and across state, regional, national, and international areas to foster more effective management of coastal and ocean resources and activities.

Meeting Overview

Monday, September 13th - Afternoon
Coastal Web Atlases and the International Coastal Atlas Network
• Welcome to Madison, meeting overview.
• Define a CWA and provide an overview of ICAN.
• Discuss methods to effectively discover, inventory, and leverage coastal atlases.
• Examine methods to design and evaluate coastal atlases.
• Showcase the impacts of mature CWAs in Washington, Oregon, California, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio.

Tuesday, September 14th - Morning
Use Cases for Networked Coastal Web Atlases
• Provide an overview of use cases for geospatial interoperability.
• Examine an existing coastal erosion use case for coastal atlases.
• Explore emerging use cases for networked CWAs such as marine spatial planning, climate adaptation, water quality, and evaluating Great Lakes restoration.
• Brainstorm possible use cases for networked CWAs.

Tuesday, September 14th - Afternoon
Promoting Coastal Atlas Networks
• Describe how CWAs relate to broader initiatives, such as the Digital Coast, the Integrated Ocean Observing System, and the Open Geospatial Consortium-Interoperability Program.
• Demonstrate integration of Great Lakes data from distributed sources to support decision-making.
• Present lessons learned from the West Coast Atlas Workshop.
• Breakout to explore creation of regional/topical coastal atlas networks.

Wednesday, September 15th - Morning
Technical Issues facing Coastal Web Atlases
• Hands-on Training: Creating Robust Web Services and Catalogs for Coastal Web Atlases.  Instructor: Tom Kralidis, Environment Canada

Wednesday, September 15th - Afternoon
ICAN Business Meeting

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