Volume 3 2011

Rob Roth. Photo: Penn State Department of Geography.

Featured Student

Geography Prof to Call Wisconsin Home, Again

It’s full circle around for former Sea Grant student, Rob Roth, who graduated from UW–Madison with bachelors and masters degrees in cartography and geographic information systems. Roth returns to the department of geography this fall as an assistant professor.

Roth credits Sea Grant with providing him with exposure to the field of geovisualization of complex problems, including coastal erosion issues. As a research assistant of Sea Grant’s GIS specialist David Hart, Roth explained, “I was presented with increasingly complex problems and was given equally increasing freedom to identify novel solutions, an approach I appreciated as a fledgling researcher.” He went on to earn a Ph.D. in Geography from Penn State University, a place recognized as the leading academic institution worldwide on cartographic visualization.

“Robert’s publication record as a doctoral student has been exemplary, and he has developed many innovative interactive mapping and analysis tools,” said Hart.








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