Volume 2 2011

Latest News

Bluff failure slump crack along a private property on Lake Superior, Bayfield County shoreline. Photo by Gene Clark

Coastal Erosion and Bluff Failures
In the tug of war between the force of gravity on soil masses and the resistance against it, gravity will always win.

Frogs on the Firing Line

Researchers are evaluating the effects of PBDEs on frogs.

Special Sections

Tim Campbell (top) and Erik Rollefson (bottom)

Program/People News
New AIS Fighters Tim Campbell and Erik Rollefson join the ASC.

Featured Website
Find frog facts and more at the updated kids and teachers web pages.

Wisconsin's Water Library
This issue’s reading list is all about frogs.

Education News
Knauss Fellow Joe Fillingham is now moored in D.C.

Scientists Gather Around State’s Surface and Groundwater
Fishing Tournaments Will be Ground Zero in AIS Fight

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