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The strength of any organization is its people. To help the public get to know the members of Wisconsin Sea Grant who stand ready to help them with a variety of challenges, we are building our collection of staff profile videos.

From Manitowoc to Milwaukee to Madison, Video Producer Bonnie Willison, who joined our staff earlier this year, has been shadowing fellow Sea Grant-ers to capture them in action and learn why they do what they do. In just 90 seconds, viewers get a vivid picture of what an individual staff member does.

Visit our YouTube channel and choose the “Meet Wisconsin Sea Grant” playlist, or go directly to https://go.wisc.edu/1l2gdt. You’ll find people like Adam Bechle, who helps coastal communities cope with hazards like bluff erosion; Tim Campbell, who helps prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species; and Deidre Peroff, who uses her social science expertise to consider the human dimension of problems.

To stay on top of new videos as they come out, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook or Twitter at the handle @UWiscSeaGrant.

At its core, Wisconsin Sea Grant is about leveraging the latest science to help Wisconsinites solve real problems. Get to know us; we’re ready to help.


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