Volume 3 2011

Latest News

Research Assistant Ashley Winker and UW-Oshkosh Professor Bob Stelzer investigate the role that deep stream sediments play in removing nitrogen from the environment. Photo: John Karl.

Stream Sediments Serve Important Role in Ecological Balance 

Too much nitrogen in our lakes and streams can lead to excessive plant growth, degraded recreational experiences and fish kills. UW-Oshkosh Professor Bob Stelzer is examining the ability of bacteria in sediments to convert nitrates to atmospheric nitrogen.

Mapping the Nearshore Food Web

Researchers at UW-Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences are investigating the effects of aquatic invasive species in the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan.

Measuring Mercury in Lake Michigan Tributaries  
Fifteen years after the Lake Michigan Mass Balance Study, Christopher Babiarz is measuring how mercury levels have changed in four Wisconsin tributaries.

Special Sections

Phil Moy. Photo: Carolyn Betz.

Program/People News
Phil Moy is the new assistant director for research at the Aquatic Sciences Center.

Featured Student
Former Sea Grant student Rob Roth returns to Wisconsin as assistant professor with the department of geography.

Featured Podcast
Learn more about mankind’s long relationship with mercury, how it moves through the environment and its effects on the living things it touches.

Wisconsin's Water Library
This issue’s list is all about mercury.

Education News
For the third year in a row, the Marshfield High School team has captured the national crown at the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

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