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Attack Packs are Back!

The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant has expanded and updated its fleet of Attack Packs, the hands-on Great Lakes aquatic invasive species (AIS) curriculum tool. The expansion comes as part of . Sea Grant’s role in a multi-state educational collaboration sponsored by the Center for Great Lakes Literacy (CGLL). 

The 35 new Attack Packs contain classroom guides, fact sheets, identification books updated with the most recent scientific research, as well as the variety of specimens included in the original packs. The look and feel of the Attack Packs have also been updated with new olive-green rucksacks and thinner, easier-to-carry specimen kits.

The packs are very popular,” says Wisconsin Water Librarian Anne Moser of the expansion. “Having additional packs to lend will increase their reach to many more educators.”

As a result of the expansion, each of the seven CGLL states will receive five Attack Packs to expand AIS knowledge in classrooms across the Great Lakes.

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