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Video Offers Helpful Nuggets on Preparing and Submitting a Research Proposal 

A punch list is always a helpful tool when approaching a task, such as assembling a Sea Grant research proposal that aligns with the 2018-20 call to address Great Lakes issues such as restoring habitats, addressing the needs of the aquaculture industry or building resilience in coastal communities.

Although the current call for proposals has a slightly different cast than what the call for the 2016-18 cycle had, a video from that time frame could possibly make that punch list a bit more manageable. “Prospective Investigators Meeting, 2016-18 Omnibus Proposal,” found at go.wisc.edu/v27rof, offers more than an hour’s worth of helpful nuggets on crafting and submitting a proposal. Although that process has remained basically unchanged for several research cycles, it’s always helpful to have a refresher course on using the iPropose online submittal portal.

The video offers insights into what Sea Grant staff, as well as external reviewers and the technical review panel, are looking for in a research approach. There is also a section on how staff can support that research—through outreach and communications activities—once it’s successfully underway. 

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