Volume 4, 2016

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Tim Grundl associate dean, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Freshwater Sciences

We Love Actinobacteria
Foundational Recyclers of the Lake

Mapping With Metagenomics
WRI-funded researcher

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Video Offers Helpful Nuggets on Preparing and Submitting a Research Proposal

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Images from Northwest Passage clients.
Program/People News
  • Fallow? When it Comes to Fellows, Quite the Opposite

  • Sea Grant Social Scientist to Explore Influence of Severe Weather on the Economically Disadvantaged
  • Sea Grant Wades Into Rising Water Levels-Bluff Stability Issue
  • Boat Landings Become a Base for Spreading the Gospel of Clean, Drain and Dry
Wisconsin Water Library
  • Art + Science
  • Sea Grant Photography Project Focuses Kids on Water

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