Volume 3, 2016

Latest News

WRI-funded researchers plumb deeply to pinpoint the source of Wisconsin's next big water-quality issues.

Unraveling The Radium Riddle
WRI-funded researchers dig deep to pinpoint the source of Wisconsin’s next big water-quality issue.

A Ray of Light
Sunlight breaks down the molecules of chemical contaminants in water. The question is, how long will it take?

Special Sections

A special bonus River talk featured adventurer Natalie Warren.
Program/People News
  • New Studies Aim to Protect and Better Manage Wisconsin’s Water Wealth
  • Crude Oil Transport
  • St. Louis River Speaker Series Concludes Third Year
  • No Release - Habitattitude Continues to Prevent AIS
Wisconsin's Water Library
  • Getting a Read on a Slippery Issue
Featured Social Media + Web
  • Connect With the New Water Library Website
  • Start savoring Wisconsin fish
  • Wisconsin Teachers Trade Whiteboards for Whitecaps

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