Volume 2, 2016

Latest News

A rosette sampler deployed into Lake Michigan off the U.S. EPA's Lake Guardian research vessel.

Tracking Mercury
Researchers around the world now have a new tool for determining the source of mercury contamination.

Solidifying Stakeholder Engagement
Aiming to bridge the gap between model-based science and stakeholder engagement.

Special Sections

Ken Potter
Program/People News
  • New Advisory Council Member Spends Time in the Dead Zone
  • Goodbye, Mr. Potter - But Not Farewell
  • Long Trawl Yields Big Data Haul
  • Goby Creep Closer to Lake Winnebago
  • Becoming a Force for Nature
Wisconsin's Water Library
  • Ponds - A Great Place to Live (And Read About!)
  • Get Your Feet Wet With Our Third STEM Kit
Featured Social Media + Web
  • The Student Side of Sea Grant
  • Love of Math and Nature Leads Student to Lake Michigan Mud

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