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Stories of a Mighty Fish

The story of the lake sturgeon, an ancient fish native to the Great Lakes region, is a fascinating one that includes science, conservation, art and a community of fisher folk who care deeply about its survival. These interdisciplinary aspects of its story of survival make it a great fish tale. After you visit the story map, Journal of the book People of the Sturgeon, continue reading about the mighty lake sturgeon in these books, available for check out from Wisconsin Water Library.

Biology, Conservation and Sustainable Development of Sturgeons
Edited by Ramón Carmona, et al. [Dordrecht]: Springer, 2009.
A compilation of data on the basic biology and culture of selected sturgeon species. The book covers taxonomy, biology, aquaculture, recovery and conservation of the species around the world.

The Great Lake Sturgeon
Edited by Nancy Auer and Dave Dempsey. East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2013.
This collected volume captures many aspects of the remarkable Great Lakes sturgeon, including its history, biology, folklore, environmental science and the policies for its protection.

Mysteries of the Great Lakes (DVD)
Produced and directed by David Lickley; written by Stephen low. Toronto, Ontario: Science North Productions, 2009.
Through the study of the lake sturgeon, a biologist works to answer two critical questions: What is the secret of the lake sturgeon’s longevity and how do we save this creature and, ultimately, the Great Lakes? The video highlights the need for preservation and conservation, and showcases the amazing geography, ecology, science and history of one of the largest freshwater resources in the world.

People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin's Love Affair with an Ancient Fish
by Kathleen Schmitt Kline, Ronald M. Bruch and Frederick P. Binkowski; with photographs by Bob Rashid. Madison, Wis: Wisconsin historical Society Press, 2009.
People of the Sturgeon chronicles is the history of the cultures surrounding lake sturgeon in Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago region, as told by a fascinating collection of photos, artifacts and a few good fish tales.

The Philosopher Fish: Sturgeon, Caviar, and the Geography of Desire
by Richard Adams Carey. New York: Counterpoint, 2005.
A very engaging chronicle of a threatened fish and the lives and livelihoods of the people that depend upon it around the world.

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