Volume 2 2015

Julia Noordyk

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Wondering how Wisconsin Sea Grant has been helping improve water quality and coastal resiliency in the Green Bay area? How about an update on the Eat Wisconsin Fish campaign? Maybe check out a lively preschool STEM story hour? Learn the latest in three new videos, focusing on Julia Noordyk, coastal storms outreach specialist; Kathy Kline, education outreach coordinator; and Anne Moser, senior special librarian for the Wisconsin Water Library. In the videos, produced by videography intern Jake Wears, Noordyk talks about the projects she’s been involved with since joining Sea Grant, including coordinating a successful boat tour of Green Bay last summer that involved many elected officials. Kline, meanwhile, discusses the impact of the campaign to educate Wisconsin consumers on the benefits of buying and eating fish caught or farmed in Wisconsin. In her video, Moser explains what motivates her work — it’s about the children. Find the videos in Wisconsin Sea Grant’s video library by clicking seagrant.wisc.edu/videos.

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