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Very (Lake) Superior Reading!

The mystique of Lake Superior is legendary. Many have described and photographed its towering cliffs, shipwreck sagas and stark wilderness. The Water Library has many titles about this majestic lake on all these topics and more. Send an email to askwater@aqua.wisc.edu and start exploring Lake Superior from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Around the Shores of Lake Superior: A Guide to Historic Sites
By Margaret Beattie Bogue. Madison, Wis.:
University of Wisconsin Press, 2007.
Around the Shores of Lake Superior is an ideal trip planner and a unique guide to the region. As author Margaret Beattie Bogue follows the Lake Superior shoreline clockwise through Minnesota, Ontario, Michigan and Wisconsin, she evokes the richness of local history and highlights hundreds of landmarks and points of interest that surround the lake.

Lake Effect: Along Superior’s Shores
By Erika Alin. Minneapolis::
University of Minnesota Press, 2003.
The 2,900 miles of Lake Superior shoreline and its centuries of rich history are explored by Alin, who weaves together the social, cultural, ecological and geological events of this region in her essays.

Shipwrecks of Lake Superior
By James R. Marshall. Duluth, Minn.:
Lake Superior Port Cities, 1987.
This collection of writings by and for divers and historians provides a look at Lake Superior’s best-known wrecks. Intended as an overview, the book includes excellent underwater photos in color.

Superior Passage
By Richard Thomas Coleman. Tucson, Ariz.:
Wheatmark, 2006.
This is the gripping story of Shotty Murphy, who gives up a tedious desk job to pursue a life of adventure on a sailboat. While plying the cold waters of Lake Superior, a storm catches him off-guard and he must devise a rescue all on his own.

This Superior Place
By Dennis McCann. Madison, Wis.:
Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2013.
Picturesque little Bayfield on Lake Superior is Wisconsin’s smallest city by population but one of its most popular visitor destinations. This book captures those unique qualities that keep tourists coming back year after year and offers a historically reliable look at the community as it is today and how it came to be.

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