Volume 2 2014

Program and People News

Through Word or Deed, Get to Know Our Outreach Staff

There’s a diverse and talented cast of 10 outreach staff members at the Aquatic Sciences Center. Get to know them a bit better by reading their Web pages through the staff directory page. Most pages also feature a biographical or topical video.

You might be struck by the fact that:

  • They’ve got their fingers on the pulse of coastal needs. Last year, they presented at a total of 145 meetings, conferences and workshops, reaching 9,014 people.
  • There are four Ph.D.s in the group and the rest have master’s degrees.
  • In the last year, they coordinated 395 volunteer hours.
  • They reached 6,252 K-12 students over the past 12 months.

Their expertise includes aquatic invasive species, fisheries, education, aquaculture, coastal engineering, coastal hazards, coastal storms, water quality, habitat restoration, geographic information systems and social science.