Volume 2 2014

Chris Bocast. Photo: Tim Campbell.

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New Podcast Series Explores What's Below and Around Us


Aquifers and watersheds—these geological features lie at the heart of hydrology and water resource conservation, yet they both can seem like somewhat amorphous concepts to many people. Where are they? Where do they start and where do they end? This brand-new podcast series, supported jointly by the Water Resources Institute and Sea Grant, presents clear and entertaining information that answers fundamental questions about these hydrologic regions that are so important to the culture and commerce of our state.

The series features experts from numerous disciplines ranging from soil science to dendrochronology, who explain in plain words the foundational ideas underlying the science and practice of hydrology. Episodes like “Streams, Snails and Invasive Species” take the listener out into the field to hear all the sounds of the work and enthusiasm of researchers who are finding solutions to key water-related questions and critical resource management problems across Wisconsin.

“I seek topics for our podcast series that appeal to my own sense of curiosity about science and the natural world. I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into some of the ‘nuts and bolts’ concepts of hydrology to enhance my own knowledge, and I’m sure many listeners must feel the same way,” said Audio Specialist Chris Bocast. “I try to keep our productions both informative and fun to listen to. I know I certainly get a lot of enjoyment going to so many various sites, all across Wisconsin, to capture the interviews and location audio that I use to put these series together.”

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