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Eat Wisconsin Fish

It’s a website that favors both taste buds and brain cells. It’s eatwisconsinfish.org. The site provides great detail on the delicious fish you can purchase from local waters, whether it is a wild-caught species like whitefish or burbot or farm-raised fish like yellow perch or tilapia. It offers recipes and beverage pairing suggestions, and it explains the taste and nutritional content of 10 species.

Visitors to the site can also feed their brains with the biology and history of Wisconsin’s fish for consumption.

“Wisconsinites are strong supporters of their local food producers,” said Kathy Kline, a Sea Grant outreach specialist who is leading the team working on eatwisconsinfish.org. “After surveying grocery store customers, we found that people wanted to know more about the local fish they could purchase. Wisconsin has a long and proud tradition of commercial fishing, as well as a thriving fish-farming industry. This site is chock-full of everything you need to know about the delicious local fish you can purchase at the grocery store, fish market or farmers’ market.”

Currently, more than 90 percent of the seafood eaten by Americans is imported from other countries. Through eatwisconsinfish.org and other communication materials, Sea Grant hopes that more people will choose to put healthy, local fish on their dinner tables.

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