Volume 1 2014

Sarah Wilkins

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Geographic and Intellectual Journeys Lead Sarah Wilkins to Knauss Fellowship

Sarah Wilkins is the 2014 Dean A. Knauss Fellow from Wisconsin and the 24th from the state. She has been shaped by far-ranging geographic and intellectual journeys.

Midwest: Illinois native with an abiding childhood curiosity in the coastlines of the Great Lakes. The hunt for Petoskey stones and surfing Lake Michigan’s waves forged an early interest in coastal and freshwater resources.

Bi-coastal: Academic success at the University of Vermont in the study of water resources in a convergence of early-life passions and deeper learning; interacting with streamside landowners in Puget Sound; and studying saltmarshes north of Boston while at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass. (left).

Zanzibar, Tanzania: A study-abroad program in coastal ecology aids an emerging aquaculture program.

Midwest: Completing the circuit and returning to the region for a master’s program in conservation biology and sustainable development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Wilkins’s next step is acting as the Ocean and Coastal Policy Analyst Fellow at the National Ocean Service. She said, “I am excited to work with such a dynamic team and have the opportunity to understand how NOAA science becomes integrated into policy!”

For 34 years, the Knauss Fellowship has provided hundreds of the nation’s graduate students the opportunity to explore ocean, coastal and Great Lakes national policy decisions affecting aquatic resources.

Watch seagrant.wisc.edu/blog for updates penned by Wilkins throughout the year.

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