Volume 2 2013


You Spoke Up. We Heard.
More Stories, Keep Print Copies

Thanks for speaking up. More than 125 of you did. Geologists, boat captains, educators, researchers, biologists and more. All disparate disciplines but bonded by an interest in aquatic sciences. These people responded to our survey about the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle that was in the field from late February through April.

The feedback will guide us as we select stories for future issues. We heard, for example, that some readers would like an expanded number of stories, but requested the stories themselves be shorter. We heard that you’d like more water-related research information and updates on some previously told stories. Finally, it seems the print version of the Chronicle, not the online one, is the preferred format. That tells us that we will continue to offer both.

Just because the survey has concluded does not mean you have lost the chance to let us know what you think about the publication, or other aquatic sciences matters. You can reach us through the following ways:

Email: chronicle@aqua.wisc.edu

Mail: University of Wisconsin Aquatic Sciences Center, 1975 Willow Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1177

Telephone: (608) 262-0905











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