Volume 1 2013

Kathy Kline


Education Evolution
Kathy Kline’s latest UW Sea Grant gig is education outreach

Her name’s certainly familiar to longtime Wisconsin Sea Grant followers—Kathy Kline has been with the program since 2004, as a science writer, co-author of the popular book “People of the Sturgeon” and, for the last few years, a general outreach specialist. Now she’s moving into a new outreach education specialist position.

“We are very pleased that Kathy has taken on this new role with Wisconsin Sea Grant,” said Phil Moy, UW Sea Grant’s assistant director for research. “She brings with her a new perspective and energy that will work well with our current and new program initiatives.”

New national guidelines for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in grades K-12 are expected to be approved by the state of Wisconsin by early next year, and those will likely serve as a framework for Kline’s efforts. Kline will also be front and center in implementing UW Sea Grant Director Jim Hurley’s plans to enhance the experience of UW Sea Grant-supported graduate students.

Kline is actually a former Sea Grant graduate student herself. In 2000, she was a student writer for the popular Earthwatch Radio series, an experience that led her to apply for a position with New Hampshire’s Sea Grant program, where she worked prior to returning to Wisconsin.

“I didn’t know anything about Sea Grant before I started working here as a graduate student, and I didn’t know much about the Great Lakes, either,” said Kline. “As I wrote for Earthwatch and learned more about Sea Grant, I realized what a powerful mission it has—research, outreach and education all working together to sustain our Great Lakes resources. It was my grad student experience that introduced me to Sea Grant, and I feel so fortunate to have been involved with it ever since.”

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