Volume 1 2013

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Aquaculture and You—the Podcast

Amazed by aquaculture?

If you aren’t already, you will be by the end of Wisconsin Sea Grant’s “Aquaculture and You,” a 14-episode podcast series that traces the origins of aquaculture, examines its historical and modern advantages and challenges, and even provides some ideas for setting up your own aquaculture operation.

Freshwater aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing food trends of the modern era and is a process that should provide jobs, sustainable food and biosecurity for the U. S. in the 21st century.

To put it all in perspective, Chris Bocast, ASC’s audio specialist, has produced a story that begins in imperial China and medieval Europe. The series traces the development of aquaculture through the Industrial Revolution and into the 20th century. Later episodes take the listener behind the scenes of today’s industrial-scale aquaculture operations, such as Indiana’s Bell Aquaculture.

Download the series for free in the podcast section of Wisconsin Sea Grant’s website, seagrant.wisc.edu/podcasts.











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