Volume 4 2012

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Introducing Great Lakes Takes

By now, you’re aware that UW Sea Grant’s website, seagrant.wisc.edu, is a repository of scientific information on key Great Lakes topics, from aquatic invasive species and aquaculture to coastal communities and climate change. But sometimes there’s material that doesn’t quite fit the hard news and science format of our home on the Web. That’s why we’ve created Great Lakes Takes, a Tumblr blog designed to showcase the stuff that doesn’t qualify as strict scientific research—photographs, impressions, news posts, etc., that shine a more casual and timely spotlight on our talented outreach specialists and showcase the activities our staff and funded researchers are tackling in the field. Whether it’s a collection of five things you didn’t know about a quagga mussel or a running blog that paints the scene of our efforts to educate anglers about preventing the spread of aquatic invasives, there’s always something new and interesting. Surf over and check it out at uwiscseagrant.tumblr.com. And if you’re a regular Tumblr user, be sure to add it to the list of blogs you follow. 

Need a gift idea?

With the holidays right around the corner, here’s a gift idea to honor the researcher, angler or water enthusiast in your life. Through the Wisconsin Sea Grant and Water Resources Institute Fund, you play a direct role in safeguarding and sustainably using Wisconsin’s aquatic treasures. Support multidisciplinary research, education and outreach by making a tax-deductible gift.

Visit seagrant.wisc.edu/gift or contact Brian Hettiger at the University of Wisconsin Foundation at 608-265-5893. Your gift helps us maintain a link to research and resources for healthier Great Lakes, for all who work, live or play here.











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