Volume 2 2012

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One Click Leads to Nearly Three Decades of Groundwater Information

One manifestation of Wisconsin’s proud tradition of protecting its natural resources is the Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program, which includes the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute (WRI). The program went into place in 1984 and draws on the expertise of the University of Wisconsin System and all state agencies that oversee groundwater, including the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Results from one section of the program’s research portfolio—the “partner projects,” funded by the DNR and WRI—were difficult to access, until now. Nearly 200 summary and final reports are now available in a permanent and easily accessible electronic format at aqua.wisc.edu/channel/22.

That digitizing effort was spearheaded by Wisconsin’s Water Librarian Anne Moser. “I am proud of my work to ensure this entire archive is now preserved for contemporary and all future groundwater researchers, policymakers and management officials. I collaborated with professionals at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center using state-of-the-art electronic archival techniques.”

Paper copies of the reports will continue to be a part of Wisconsin’s Water Library, along with more than 30,000 other titles available to any state resident with an interest in water-related information, particularly Wisconsin and Great Lakes issues.


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