Volume 2 2012

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St. Louis River Estuary. Photo: Aquatic Sciences Center/John Karl.

Stories of Us 
Place-based stories, GIS and water quality come together to form a complete picture of the St. Louis River Estuary

Tracking Antibiotics in Soil
Can certain types of clay neutralize antibiotics before they hit the water?

Special Sections

James Hurley, ASC Director
Jim Hurley, a University of Wisconsin-Madison environmental chemist, returns to the ASC after a year with the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. Photo: UW Communications/Bryce Richter.

Program/People News
Jim Hurley returns to Aquatic Sciences Center as Director

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Wisconsin's Water Library
Environmental Justice

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Great Lakes Earth Partnership

Survey to Check Out Consumers' Knowledge of Fish Facts
Sea Grant Programs Team Up to Produce Area of Concern Video
UW Sea Grant Maps Angler Safety Near Lake Michigan Trap Nets