Volume 1 2012

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University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate students with Randy Jackson at the GLBRC plots at Arlington. Photo: John Greenler/Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

WRI Fuels Research on the Ecological Impacts of Biofuel Cultivation
Researchers are evaluating the characteristics of different types of biofuel crops in the hopes of developing a database of information to guide future cropping efforts.

Little Fish. Big Problem. Video.gif

UW-Madison ecologist Jake Vander Zanden and graduate student Matt Kornis evaluate round goby populations at 150 locations along Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan coast. 

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Program News
Sea Grant-funded research projects are now underway, with more than a dozen projects assessing such crucial issues as climate change impacts, fish pathogens, aquaculture and developing geospatial tools.  Water Resources Institute projects will begin work in July.

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Education News
A new survey reveals a lack of knowledge among beachgoers about the dangers of rip currents.

Wisconsin trails explore state’s maritime history
Bell Aquaculture rings in a new production facility

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