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Tour a Historic Shipwreck from your computer

Check out a historic Lake Michigan shipwreck without getting wet. A video about the Northerner, narrated by Keith Meverden, maritime archaeologist at the Wisconsin Historical Society, is now available.

The largely intact vessel sits upright on the bottom, about five miles southeast of Port Washington, Wis.

In November 1863, the Northerner was loading lumber in Amsterdam, Wis., when a storm came up. The waves repeatedly pounded the bottom of the ship. The crew hurriedly finished loading her and sailed out on the lake. Once there, they realized that her hull had been damaged, and she was taking on water.

The crippled vessel sailed into Port Washington, Wis., where the crew unloaded most of her timber. A tow tug then set out with her for Milwaukee, where she was to be repaired. However, the pumps couldn’t keep up with the flooding, and she capsized.

The entire crew was safely transferred onto the tug, but later searches for the vessel came up empty-handed. She was rediscovered in the early 1970s by recreational divers. Today, she makes an excellent dive — or good video watching.

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