Volume 4 2011

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Sea Grant Rides a Wave of Gratitude for Rip Current Awareness Award From Surfers’ Group

With a wet suit, longboard and a lot of determination, surfers ride the waves of Lake Michigan in the peak months of September through January. Some of these hardy souls also organize an annual international surfing event known as the Dairyland Surf Classic in Sheboygan, Wis.

Those organizers awarded their 2011 commemoration to the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network for awareness-raising about water safety, rip currents in particular.

One summer a few years ago, five children in the Sheboygan area drowned, and the city wanted to increase its efforts to promote beach safety. Dairyland’s Lee Williams made a call to the Wisconsin Sea Grant office asking for help. Within two days, Williams received rip current warning signs and other materials. He took them to the mayor’s office, and soon the city pledged $70,000 to construct five stainless steel emergency call boxes along the Sheboygan shoreline.




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