Volume 4 2011

Latest News

Anna Wilson, a UW-Madison graduate student, is working to develop and validate a test for VHS. Photo: Tony Goldberg.

Researchers Are on the Hunt for Faster, Cheaper VHS Test
Sea-Grant funded scientists are working to develop an antibody test that identifies the presence of VHS without killing any fish.

Sucker Migration, Harbinger of Climate Change
Will climate change alter fish migration patterns in streams that flow to the Great Lakes?

Anders Andren Retires
The director of the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute and the Water Resources Institute steps down after two decades of leadership.

Special Sections

Kate Ballard, winner of the 2011 Weston Scholarship. Photo: Moira Harrington.

Program/People News
Sea Grant Rides a Wave of Gratitude for Rip Current Awareness Award From Surfers' Group

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Tour a Historic Shipwreck From Your Computer

Wisconsin's Water Library
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Education News
Ballard Wins 2011 Weston Scholarship

Clark Contributes to Rip Currents Book
Log on and Learn About Climate Change
Athelstan Spilhaus—Father of Sea Grant

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