Winter 2005

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Wisconsin Fish Identification System

This new Web site shows anglers or anyone with an itch for ichthyology how to identify what’s dangling at the end of their lines. Users can fish through more than 4,000 photos covering all 162 native Wisconsin species and 12 invasive species that have taken up residence here. The photos show different angles, life stages, and body features—such as the snout shape of a slimy sculpin or the body patterning of a pirate perch. The site also includes a taxonomic key, an illustrated guide to fish anatomy, and an illustrated glossary.

John Lyons, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Paul Hanson, University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology, and Elizabeth White, UW Sea Grant Institute, created and produced the Wisconsin Fishes site, the product of five years and hundreds of slimy photo shoots around the Badger state.

The online system and a downloadable version of its companion CD can be found at The CD version of the site is also available for purchase at the ASC publications store:

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