Winter 2007

A New Map of America Septentrionale (1670). This English map of the Great Lakes region was based on a French map of North America made in 1650 by Nicholas Sanson, geographer to the king of France. It is one of the first maps to show all five Great Lakes.

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Changing Perspectives on the Great Lakes

An exhibit of original Great Lakes maps spanning more than three centuries will be displayed March through June in the special collections exhibit area on the ninth floor of the UW-Madison Memorial Library.

The "Making Maps, Mapping History" exhibit will include an illustrated, hand-drawn map of the region made in 1670—one of the first maps to show all five Great Lakes. Nearly 30 more maps will include some of the first ever made of Wisconsin’s land surveys, state highways, railroads, geology, native vegetation, and topography. And several maps will illustrate the latest capabilities of satellite remote sensing technology.

The exhibit will trace the artistic and technical evolution of mapmaking over three centuries and the influence of the Great Lakes on Wisconsin’s development, according to Mary Lou Reeb, ASC assistant director and one of the organizers of the project.

The exhibit will feature audio commentary on iPods available at the exhibit. The commentary will also be available for downloading in advance to visitors’ iPods and other MP3 players, Reeb said.

Free Public Lecture:
“Early Mapping and Charting of the Great Lakes”

Christopher Baruth, Curator, UWM American Geographical Society Library and expert on Great Lakes mapping

4 pm, Thursday, April 5, Special Collections

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