Summer 2007

Phil Moy. Photo: Carolyn Betz.

ASC Droplets

Look out for the largest fish in the Great Lakes making a splash on the big screen. An IMAX film crew traveled along Wisconsin’s Wolf River in April on the lookout for spawning lake sturgeon. The footage will appear in Wonders of the Great Lakes, scheduled to be released in May 2008.

The new Great Lakes Research and Outreach Consortium (GLROC) is designed to foster communication, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration on research, education, and outreach projects that address regional problems and opportunities. This consortium of the seven Great Lakes Sea Grant programs will provide the means for any one of the programs to coordinate and develop projects for the entire region as well as accept and distribute funds to the other six programs.

Lake Michigan has been chosen as one of three pilot study sites for use in the development of the National Water Quality Monitoring Network for U.S. Coastal Waters and their Tributaries, a response to a U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy recommendation for a national monitoring network that can provide the information necessary for effective stewardship of ocean and coastal resources. San Francisco Bay and the Delaware River Basin are the other two pilot sites.

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