Summer 2007

Phil Moy. Photo: Carolyn Betz.

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Last fall, the iPRO family got a little bigger. For the past six years, the Interactive Project Reporting Online (iPRO) system has provided an easy, efficient way for Wisconsin Sea Grant and Water Resources principal investigators (PIs) to manage their projects online.

iPROPOSE, its new companion site, is an online proposal submission and review Web site aimed at streamlining the process of applying for Sea Grant funds. Prospective PIs submit a proposal by filling out a series of forms and uploading their full proposal and budget. Assigned reviewers can then complete their reviews online through iPROPOSE by answering a series of questions. Once all of the reviews are completed, a panel is given access to the reviews and original proposals to help decide which proposals are funded.

According to Rich Dellinger, Aquatic Sciences Center web developer, iPROPOSE provides a framework for consistently capturing the same information from all of the prospective investigators, helping to ensure that each proposal is treated equally and fairly. And since iPROPOSE is part of the iPRO family, PIs can easily begin their online project reporting if their proposal is funded.

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