Fall 2008

Wisconsin's Water Library

Grant Nets Invasive Species Books

Wisconsin’s Water Library has some great new books about invasive species, thanks to a grant from the Friends of UW–Madison Libraries. From histories of non-native species and the effects they have had on ecosystems to information about specific invaders, these books offer information and resources for UW researchers working with fishery restoration projects and Wisconsinites concerned about protecting our natural resources and slowing the spread of exotics.

A few of the new titles include:

Aliens in the backyard: plant and animal imports into America /
by John Leland. Columbia, S.C.: University of South Carolina Press, 2005. John Leland recounts the origins and impacts of nonindigenous species on the environment and the resilience of ecosystems confronted with invasions.

Bigheaded carps: a biological synopsis and environmental risk assessment /
by Cindy S. Kolar. Bethesda, Md.: American Fisheries Society, 2007. This book contains a detailed risk assessment and biological synopsis of the bigheaded carps of the genus Hypophthalmichthys, which includes the bighead, silver, and largescale silver carps.

Biological invaders in inland waters: profiles, distribution and threats /
edited by Francesca Gherardi. Dordrecht ; London : Springer, 2007. The book examines the identity, distribution, and impact of freshwater nonindigenous species and the dynamics of their invasion.

Biological invasions: economic and environmental costs of alien plant, animal, and microbe species /
edited by David Pimentel. Boca Raton, Fla.: CRC Press, 2002. This volume reconfirms the diverse and unpredictable roles that non-native species assume as they invade new ecosystems and cause destruction of vital crops and forests, major damages to ecosystems leading to loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, and water loss. In addition, it covers the effect of imported disease organisms on human health and livestock.

Black carp: biological synopsis and risk assessment of an introduced fish /
by Leo G. Nico, James D. Williams, and Howard L. Jelks. Bethesda, Md.: American Fisheries Society, 2005. This book offers a detailed assessment of the risks posed by the invasion of the black carp, a large mollusk-eating cyprinid fish native to eastern Asia.

Invasive species: vectors and management strategies /
edited by Gregory M. Ruiz and James T. Carlton. Washington, DC : Island Press, c2003. Invasive Species presents new analyses of mechanisms of species transfer, or vectors, as the latest contribution from the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP). Contributors assess invasion vectors and vector management in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems for major taxonomic groups in a variety of regions around the world.

Please visit the Water Library at http://aqua.wisc.edu/waterlibrary for more information. Anyone in Wisconsin can borrow these books. Just email askwater@aqua.wisc.edu.

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