Fall 2008

Latest News

Spiny water flea, unknown location. Couresy of US Fish and Wildlife Service

Tiny waterfleas may have BIG CONSEQUENCES 

Two invasive water fleas that have invaded Lake Michigan may change the dynamics of the food web in unpredictable ways

Making sense of a tangled web within Lake Superior 
The increasing size of sea lamprey in Lake Superior means sure death to the trout, suckers and whitefish that are preyed upon   

Special Sections

An anemometer is installed at Little Sand Bay Harbor to measure wind speed and direction.

Featured Website
Wisconsin's Water Library's new Web site debuts

Program/People News
Thanks to Phil Moy and Chris Babiarz for filling in while Jim Hurley was in D.C.; Carolyn Betz receives award; Anne Moser serves as library advisor; goodbye to Peter Boger but hello to Jennifer Champoux

Wisconsin's Water Library
This issue’s list is all about mercury.

In pursuit of 3-D shipwreck images
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution partners with Wisconsin Historical Society to photograph Lake Michigan shipwrecks

Education News
For the third year in a row, the Marshfield High School team has captured the national crown at the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

ASC Droplets
Great Lakes Compact signed into law
Online discussion group on climate change forms
The cost of invasive species to the Great Lakes

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