Fall 2009

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“Across the globe, in Russia and Iran, sturgeon are pursued for their eggs, the source of an exotic delicacy to be enjoyed by the wealthy. But here in Wisconsin, lake sturgeon belong to everyone, and they’re revered for what they are and have been for millions of years: a tough, old fish.” ­—People of the Sturgeon Photo: Bob Rashid

People of the Sturgeon UW Sea Grant announces the release of People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin’s Love Affair with an Ancient Fish, published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press

Breeding Yellow Perch to Meet Consumer Demand 
Researchers can trick the fish into changing their natural reproductive cycles, allowing them to reproduce year-round

Special Sections

Above: Stephen Wittman. Below: Vicky Harris.

Program/People News
Stephen Wittman retires
Stephen Wittman and Tina Yao receive environmental communications award
Kathleen Schmitt Kline celebrates two deliveries
Vicky Harris receives Great Lakes Sea Grant Network award

Wisconsin's Water Library
An ancient fish, some modern titles

Education News

Grand opportunity to learn about water
Two Wisconsin students receive prestigious Knauss Fellowship

ASC Droplets
Patent awarded for water treatment device
Asian carp threaten Lake Michigan
Public comment offered for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

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