Winter 2010

Education News

Photos: Peter McIntyre/University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment

Estuarine Ecology in the Field

UW Sea Grant provides support for the interdisciplinary “Problems in Oceanography” course at UW–Madison. Offered biennially since 1968, the course enables graduate students to obtain field experience during a week-long trip to a research station at Sapelo Island, Ga., where they learn firsthand about estuarine ecology. This popular course has been a turning point in the education of many students who later pursued careers in marine science as a result of the experience.

One former student, University of Puerto Rico Professor José Manuel López, said that the course was his first research experience at sea. “This experience was fundamental in my decision to continue in the Ph.D. program in Oceanography and Environmental Sciences.”

Fish Don’t Speak English

When it comes to fish, there are no language barriers. Growing Power, a sustainable urban farm operating as a non-profit organization in Milwaukee, brought together more than 1,500 attendees from nine different countries for a recent three-day international conference.

Will Allen, a MacArthur Fellow named one of “Time Magazine’s” 100 most influential people from around the globe this year, is chief executive officer of Growing Power and was host of the conference. The goals of the conference were to showcase and share the methods that provide food to central-city neighborhoods, including using aquaponics, a synergistic plant-and-fish-production system.

Allen has relied heavily on the expertise of UW Sea Grant Aquaculture Specialist Fred Binkowski in refining Growing Power’s cultivation techniques. At the conference, Binkowski spoke about fin fish husbandry and biology, water quality, and aquaculture system design and technology.

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