Winter 2010

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Water surrounds a house in Spring Green. The flood was caused by ground- water flooding, instead of the more common surface water flooding. Photo: Madeline Gotkowitz

Groundwater On The Rise Hydrologist rises to the challenge of assisting Spring Green residents and FEMA with an unusual type of flooding.

Wisconsin Water Experts Meet In Middleton
This year's American Water Resources Association (AWRA) meeting was held March 4-5 with the theme of "Emerging Challenges for the Waters of Wisconsin."

Wisconsin Shipwrecks Impress New Zealand Visitor 

Special Sections

Moira Harrington (Photo: University Communications/Bryce Richter) and Omar Poler (Photo: UW Sea Grant/Rich Dellinger)

Program/People News
Moira Harrington is the new Aquatic Sciences Center communications manager, and Omar Poler is a new student assistant at Wisconsin's Water Library.

Featured Web Tool
Follow water-related topics with updates from Wisconsin's Water Library via Facebook and Twitter.

Wisconsin's Water Library
It may be too cold to dive, but it's never too cold to read!  Take a look at a few books about Great Lakes shipwrecks.

Education News
Students in UW-Madison's "Problems in Oceanography" course obtained field experience during a week-long trip to Sapelo Island, Georgia.

ASC Droplets
Web Page Provides Latest Information on Asian Carp
State of Lake Michigan Conference
Harbor Corrosion Culprit Identified

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