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How to research water
Looking for more detailed information on water? Wisconsin residents should start with our Water on the Web pages to begin their search. There are many water-related web sites there, arranged by topic. If you don't find what you need there, here are some publicly-available resources to get you started. And please askwater if Wisconsin's Water Library can help. We are more than happy to help facilitate your research.


  • Agricola - Free public version of this database from the National Agricultural Library (NAL), this site includes access to the NAL online catalog books, serials, and other resources; and the journal article citation index. Contains much water-related information.
  • Badgerlink - Badgerlink makes over 6000 journals, newspapers and newsletters available to Wisconsin residents. Everyone with a UW System user account can access this service. In addition, any Wisconsin citizen can use BadgerLink from home if their Internet Service Provider has registered, or if their local public library allows access with a library card. If you are having problems accessing BadgerLink, contact BadgerLink Technical Support or your local public library.
  • Beilstein Abstracts – ChemWeb - Database of titles and abstracts of approximately 750,000 articles from 140 journals in organic and related chemistry. The articles date from 1980 to the present. After free registration with ChemWeb, users may browse or search the database by author, title, abstract, and several modifiers.
  • EPA Online Library System - Consists of several related databases including the EPA's National Catalog (holdings of most of the 28 EPA regional libraries), and a listing of EPA documents in NTIS as well as several special collections.
  • Ingenta - Water-related journals are included among the thousands of journals covered by this document delivery service. Anyone can purchase an article choosing electronic, fax or Ariel delivery. (UW affiliates should access journal articles via Library Express instead.)
  • NAL Water Resources Database - The National Agricultural Library's Water Quality Information Center has put together this listing of many publicly available databases.
  • NTIS Title Search - This abbreviated version of the NTIS database can be searched by title or topic. Includes the 450,000 NTIS products and publications issued since 1990.
  • TOXNET - A cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas. Includes Toxline.

Reference Materials:

  • Water Science and Technology Board Publications - The National Academies' Water Science and Technology Board conducts studies on all aspects of water resources, including science, engineering, economics, policy, and social concerns. The full text of their publications in .html format can be read online. Their Water Information Center makes 100 of their most pertinent reports available to developing countries for free .pdf download.
  • Water Measurement Manual - This guide (3rd edition, 1997; with corrections through 2003) provides water users and districts guidance in selecting, managing, inspecting, and maintaining their water measurement devices.
  • WWWebster Dictionary (Merriam-Webster) - The online Collegiate Dictionary is based on the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition.
  • yourDictionary.com - Links to free online dictionaries, thesauri, and glossaries in English as well as more than 120 other languages. There is also a section containing many subject dictionaries, glossaries, and lists of terms.
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